Loans for big and guys enjoy the child’s day.

Every April 28, the world dresses with tenderness, joy and hope to celebrate International Children’s Day, dedicated to the smallest that has been celebrated since 1954 in order to grant the fundamental rights and conditions necessary for them to have a Decent quality of life. Therefore, on this special date, Hiedie Klarosa gives you an online loan so you can enjoy with the little ones in their day.

Outings to walk, or buy sweets and toys are some of the options for this day. However, in case you do not have a close child, it is possible to sponsor or join different activities that, in addition to rejoicing the heart of a child, will take out the inner child you have inside and make you remember the best stage of life.

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So money is no impediment to miss this date on which children and adults enjoy equally, since a gift for a child always has a double recipient thanks to the enthusiasm of adults and children. These plans do not always involve a lot of money, so, Hiedie Klarosa, lets you know some unmissable plans this 2018:

  1. Buy a mandala book: Coloring is one of the best therapies to return the essence of the inner child, reduces stress and stimulates concentration, the coloring books we used at school evolve to mandala books, an excellent therapy for loads labor.

  2. Buying a family video game console: Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Play Station are some of the options that adults and children can enjoy at home. These types of videogames are an excellent hobby in recreational spaces with a controlled schedule for this day.

  3. Resume the habit of a virtual pet: Having a dog or a cat at home can be a topic to discuss in families for multiple factors. However, a virtual pet is ideal to enjoy unforgettable afternoons.

    At the virtual pet level we find the Tamagotchi, the virtual pet created in 1996 with egg size that is reinvented and goes on the market after more than a decade for children and adults today. Talking Tom Cat is another ideal pet to imitate voices.

    FurReal Friends is a line of pet stuffed animals with multiple activities to perform, jump, sing and are a great company. Their prices range between $ 35,000 and $ 140,000, and are available in different animals such as cat, dog, penguin, pig, among others.

  4. Attend children’s festivals: Gipsy Kids Festival is an excellent entertainment alternative for the whole family accompanied by dancing and recreation. Chuck E. Cheesse’s also offers a special activity on April 28.

  5. Sponsor a child: Help in action, Children International and Forming the future, are some of the foundations that allow sponsoring a child, thousands of children in Colombia need support in which you can contribute from $ 5,000.

  6. Volunteer this day: The foundations of the main cities make a great celebration on Children’s Day and it is possible to buy toys, clothes or be part of the activities they have for this day. Do not forget to consult details in time in each foundation to be part of the projects and activities.

  7. Make a collection of vintage figures: Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon are some of the cartoons that marked the millennial generation. Therefore, making a collection of vintage figures can be an alternative that explores the tastes of adults and children.

  8. Create puppets at home: For this plan money is important but secondary thanks to the fact that from home you can create adventurous characters in multiple stories, and boosts creativity.

  9. A day of contact with nature: Getting out of the routine and visiting a zoo is a learning experience for children, camping and getting to know nature is an excellent alternative to celebrate this day.

The loans are adapted to the wishes of each child

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Or of an adult who wants to relive a day full of fun. In Colombia’s landscape on childhood issues there is much to improve, because according to the Humanium report, 45% of Colombia’s population lives below the poverty line.

Although the country has a lot of wealth, it is unevenly distributed

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In turn, the report indicates that 1 in 10 children does not receive education. Many schools have to close for long periods on a regular basis, and these periods sometimes lengthen indefinitely.

These figures show the importance of enjoying with children close to our homes and letting the little ones know the importance they have and their projection as the future of the country.